Curiosity about Electronic Circuit and Components

April 21, 2020,
1 min read

I have always been a curious child. What is this? How does it work? I wonder what’s inside?

Initially, I was interested in electronic circuit components and circuits until I got acquainted with the computer. I had created many electronic circuits: flip-flops, amplifiers, FM Radio, PIC16F87, etc. I developed electronic projects and Image Recognition applications with Arduino, Raspberry Pi, and Nvidia Jetson.

Once, when I was 15, I built an FM Radio transmitter with my grandfather. He was also curious like me and always loved new things. We started broadcasting on the radio. He took the microphone and began to speak. Due to the power supply in the FM radio circuit being limited to 1 Amp, there were many parasites. Therefore, we directly connected it to a car battery with a power of 60 Amps. There were no parasites anymore. The sounds were clean. The excitement of creating something cannot be described. I experienced the same feeling when I wrote my first code.

This was one of the beautiful memories I remember.