Electronic Circuits

April 21, 2020,
1 min read

I had always been a child who wondered. What is what? How it works?

I had interested in electronic circuit components and electronic circuits until I meet the computer. I made many electronics circuits flipflops, amplifiers, FM-Radio, pic, etc. Right now I develop electronics projects and Machine Learning applications with Arduino, Raspberry Pi, and Nvidia Jetson.

One time, I made FM-Radio with my grandpa. He had wonder like me and he always has liked new things. We adjusted the frequency of radio to the neighbors' radios. He caught the microphone and started to speak. All neighborhoods were listening to him. The excitement of producing something cannot be told. I had lived the same emotion when I write the first code.

The FM-radio circuit had many parasites because of the adaptor that has 1 Amp power. Therefore, we connected directly car accumulator because it had a current power of 60 Amps. There were no parasites anymore. The sounds were clean.

This was one of the good memories that I remember.