I met the computer

April 22, 2020,
1 min read

Today is the second week of September, and it’s Monday.

It was the first day of school, and I was very excited. We were going to meet the computer. We waited in front of the computer classroom for the first lesson. Finally, the teacher opened the door to the classroom. It was a dark room with black curtains. Inside, there were many tables, and each table had a computer. They were all IBM 8086 PC30 models. The computers had 640KB RAM, 10MB HDD, and CRT monitors.

IBM 8086 PC30

We took our seats at the tables. The teacher said, ‘Please lift the red switch on the computer case.’ I lifted it immediately. The sound of the hard drive starting echoed. Text appeared on the black screen: ‘PC-DOS is loading.’ Finally, the command prompt appeared.

The first command I typed was ‘DIR.’ Later, the teacher told us to type our own names and press the enter key. The message we received was ‘Bad command or filename.’ Since that day, I have enjoyed using the terminal. Therefore, I haven’t encountered any difficulties in the terminals of Linux and macOS up to now.

My first encounter with a computer was with the IBM 8086 PC30. It was a fantastic machine.